About Me!

My name is Elizabeth (Liz) Hoermann and I am an entrepreneur with a love for writing, art, categorizing, and organization! I have worked in many fields such as real estate, medical, construction, customer service, retail, and even the food industry. I have written articles for online magazines and guest blog posts. One thing I noticed all across the board is that business owners often are at work before everyone else and leave last. Obviously this is sometimes needed however, it can often be avoided by having an efficient assistant to handle the most time consuming day-to-day activities. Thus, No Excuses Virtual Assistant was born!

My goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your tasks are getting completed on time and to your specifications. I want you to be able to enjoy that extra cup of coffee in the morning before heading into the office and not have to worry about putting in more hours after that family dinner!