terms and conditions

At No Excuses Virtual Assistant, making sure we are all on the same page is vital! Please read the standard terms and conditions for services and use of this site below.


By using this site, you, (the Client), agree to all of the following terms and conditions listed. Use of this site and or purchase of books from our book collection is not a contract between the Client and No Excuses Virtual Assistant, hereafter referred to as N.E.V.A.

contract guidelines

A free, 30 minute Discovery Call is scheduled prior to signing any contract between N.E.V.A. and the Client. This call is to ensure that the Client's expectations will be met. Should the Discovery Call result in a signed contract between N.E.V.A. and the Client, all terms of contract will be reviewed and discussed by both parties prior to signing. Contracts vary depending on services or packages requested by the Client and are legally binding.

contract amendments

Once the contract is signed, any amendments will result in a minimal fee not to exceed $5 USD and will be due upon the signing of the Contract Amendment. If an amendment to a current project is requested, all work on that project will be paused until the new guidelines requested for the customer are in place and the Contract Amendment signed. This does not include contracting N.E.V.A. to perform separate services on a different timeline in which case, the new services would have their own contract. Should the Client request to reduce the size of a contracted project, the fees for said project may or may not reduce depending on the amount of time already devoted to the Client's original contract. The Amendment Fee will still apply regardless of any changes to the service cost with the Contract Amendment.

products and services

Purchase of products and services from N.E.V.A. in no way guarantees an increase in revenue for the Client.

Due to the individuality of each Client's needs, turn around time will vary depending on the type and size of the contracted service. Client understands that amendments to the project can affect the delivery time and have read and understand the terms under contract guidelines in regards to amending a contract.

book collections

The book under the Book Collections tab of the website is the first of many to come. As the first book, it is currently only available as an instant downloadable PDF. Each person who purchases Dolphy the Dolphin's Not Very Good Day during the promotional period, (between November 15, 2021 and midnight on December 31, 2021), will automatically receive upgrades or renditions to the electronic form of the book as they are produced. When the book is put into print, these customers will also receive a discount towards the purchase of the physical copy of the book.

This section of our terms and guidelines will be updated as the book collection grows.

email subscription list

Signing up for our subscriber list does NOT sign you up for any chargeable services. Email subscribers will only receive emails related to updates on services offered, terms and conditions of contracting with No Excuses Virtual Assistant (N.E.V.A.), and special promotions or deals offered by N.E.V.A. If you wish to no longer receive our emails, you may unsubscribe at any time.